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It is well researched that women are diagnosed years later, often a decade or more, than men with the same factor levels. There is no question that clinical care and treatment of women and girls with bleeding disorders is different.


We Need a Change

Let’s address the elephant in the room! Our treaters, our clinicians, are not following the same guidelines across the country in caring for our women and girls.

FAIR has identified this inequity as a priority action item. We need to advocate for equitable care for women with bleeding disorders. Our audience is the doctors, nurses, social workers and other clinicians that care for women.

If this were easy, it would already be done! We need your help to advocate.

Our ask for care is simple and strong:

   1. We come together

   2. We recognize and lift the work that is already done

   3. We hold clinician’s accountable for their own recommendations and advisories

One of the most significant bleeding disorder organizations in the world, the National Bleeding Disorder Foundation (formally NHF), hosts the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC). This group is made up of some of the most respected clinicians and leading authorities on bleeding disorders in the United States.

These leaders have already spent time and effort in creating recommendations. Specifically, in March of 2021, this group approved MASAC Document 264. This document is titled: MASAC Recommendations Regarding Diagnosis and Management of Inherited Bleeding Disorders in Girls and Women with Personal and Family History of Bleeding. MASAC Document 264 specifies the guidelines of care recommendations regarding diagnosis and management of inherited bleeding disorders in girls and women with personal and family history of bleeding. You can read the full MASAC 264 document by clicking on the button above. We have also provided a link to the Hemophilia Federation of America’s Bleeder’s Bill of Rights as a useful tool as women plan for their clinical appointments.

We seek to honor this and advocate for its accountability.


We Ask You to Sign On

Join your name with others who recognize that this MASAC 264 recommendation is important, valued and critical for clinicians to adhere to as they care for women, girls, and those assigned female at birth.

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Together we can create equitable change for the bleeding disorder community

Clinicians Supporting MASAC

  • Nichole Tyson, Physician
  • Clara Lo, Hematologist
  • Robert Sidonio Jr, Hematologist
  • Linda E Wyman-Collins, Nurse
  • Danielle Nance, Hematologist
  • Amber Federizo, Nurse Practitioner
  • Stacy Pechter, Nurse
  • Emmanuel Villegas, Patient Advocate
  • Heidi Dillon, Pharmacy
  • Anna Hernandez, Patient Care Coordinator
  • Alondra Arias, Administrative Staff
  • Graig Watanabe, RPh
  • JT White, Pharmacy Tech
  • Yolanda Garciy, Patient Advocate
  • Jessica Wulf, Social Worker
  • Peter Aguero, Physical Therapist
  • Vilmarie Rodriguez, Hematologist
  • Amy Dunn, Hematologist
  • Andrea Miller, Nurse Practitioner
  • Shalu Narang, Physician
  • Meera Chitlur, Hematologist
  • Leslie Gilbert, Hematologist
  • Chrissy Cotts, Nurse
  • Tammy Shelor-Blain, RN, BSN, MBA, OCN
  • Emma Mathisen, Nurse
  • Genevieve Moyer, Hematologist
  • Nicole Kendel, Hematologist
  • Irmel A Ayala, Hematologist

Non Clinicians Supporting MASAC

  • Ashley Gregory
  • Anna Landseadel
  • Matthew Landseadel
  • Stormy Johnson
  • Tai-Yan Chou-Kudu
  • Blanca Ramirez
  • Kimberly Haugstad
  • Raymond Dattoli
  • Kim Phelan
  • Matthew Porges
  • Ann Kendall
  • Marianne Gardner
  • Shelley Jajeh
  • Janet Brewer
  • Gabi Flores
  • Rebecca Baker
  • Deena Maki
  • Cassandra Miller
  • The Coalition for Hemophilia B
  • Pamela Lauer
  • Mary Jo Haugen
  • Michelle Jimenez
  • Gary Hinds
  • Howard Schargel
  • Lorie Kerstetter
  • Michael Wessel
  • Maureen Flaherty
  • James Glonek
  • Judy Doyle
  • Joanne Marinakos
  • Kim Newport
  • Donna Elliott
  • Troy Gleason
  • Craig Price
  • Michelle Leona Cecil
  • Stephanie Lasister
  • Stacy Arra
  • Martha Boria
  • Brook Foster
  • Kollet Koulianos
  • Amanda Gradzewicz
  • Lee Hall
  • Angel Rivera
  • Diane Rankin
  • Zack Bordone
  • Kirk Galbreath
  • Cheri Hunter
  • Maya Luna
  • Claudia Duarte
  • Angelica Rodriguez
  • Jeron Hill
  • Charlene Leitner
  • Zachary Castillo
  • Jerome Bell
  • Kristin Shelton
  • Samantha Mitelman
  • Jennifer Merck
  • Gloria Acosta
  • Marc Pangilinan
  • Nicholas Cady
  • Ivan Giron
  • Melanie Mishra
  • Joyce Li
  • Ahnee Hitchcock
  • Kathleen Dulak
  • Angela Neikov
  • David Clark
  • Elizabeth Pulley
  • Dan Bull
  • Jane Cavanaugh Smith
  • Julie Slonaker
  • Amy Renfrow
  • Nina Duggan
  • Jeannie Melin
  • Melissa Palmer
  • Jessica Voshell
  • Addie Adewoye
  • Ashley Zebley
  • Stephen Long
  • Donna Garner
  • Carrie Dockham
  • Deborah Murray